What are some conditions that are helped by Active Isolated Stretching?


Injuries caused by trauma, overuse and / or repetitive motion lead to tight muscles and fascial restrictions that limit range of motion and impair circulation. AIS helps to restore and rehabilitate joint health and function. AIS applied regularly to regions of the the muscle skeletal system can also serve to prevent injury and enhance performance to achieve a competitive edge!

The following are common conditions for AIS:
Carpal Tunnel
Tennis Elbow
Golfer's Elbow
Neck Problems (i.e., Whiplash)
Low Back Problems/Sciatica
Posture Problems (i.e., Scoliosis, Forward Neck, Goose Neck, Hyperlordosis, Hyperkyphosis)
Ankle Sprain/Strains
Achilles Tendinitis
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Hammer Toes
Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Bursitis of Hip or Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder  
Rotator Cuff Injury
Post Surgical Joint Rehabilitation